Sage management software: accounting, business management, payroll and HR, ERP, financial management

Your business’s commercial management is crucial to ensure your turnover. It’s essential to make the right choices for this aspect of your business to increase your productivity and your margin.

Sage business management software

Sage business management software was developed to meet the needs of businesses in any given sector (services, trade, industry …). This adaptability has allowed Sage to develop a large portfolio of satisfied customers big and small, and has driven expansion in the ERP market for the last 20 years.

Optimise your processes

In a company, certain tasks are repetitive and time consuming. With Sage business management software, you significantly reduce time spent on these processes to concentrate on what really matters.
Business management software allows you to manage the entire process within a single application. Sage can take care of all administrative operations (quotes, invoices), purchases, sales, production management (inventory, supply, delivery times,…) and costings.
Automating your processes using business management software allows you to reduce the risk of errors and to ensure greater transparency and availability of information within your company.

Effectively manage your business

Evaluating and optimising your business processes in real time is a complex task. Sage business management software offers a clear vision of your business using dashboards. Sage is a powerful tool to allow you to focus on the strategy of your business.
Sage software is regularly and automatically updated to make sure your management processes comply with all current legal requirements.