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Number 1 ERP and business software comparison engine in France and in Europe!
We are a consulting company focusing on information systems. We provide European SMEs with information on the various software and hardware products on the market, as well as on service providers and publishers.

Our ERP comparison and evaluation service allows businesses to obtain relevant information on the types of available software and the service providers who market them.



SelectYourSoft.co.uk relies on a comprehensive and thorough database of more than 7000 providers on the market. We guarantee that we can put you in touch with the company that perfectly match your criteria and needs.


This comparison tool is a powerful search engine, driven by the largest database on the market. It contains all of the major software publishers and actors on the market, as well as companies specialising in the development of vertical solutions and local service providers.
In an ever-changing marketplace, we check and regularly update the information contained in our database.

We offer our expertise to the entire European business sector.

Want to learn more about the different types of software that SelectYourSoft.co.uk compares for you? SelectYourSoft.co.uk compares more than 7000 publishers of software accross all sectors. Test our free evaluator using the drop-down list by ‘Types of project’.