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What is business management software?

Business management software is important management software to help manage your company or group. It is part of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software which includes prospecting, sales and loyalty of your commercial contacts. Managing sales work with powerful software allows you to better manage commercial documents: quotes, orders, deliveries and invoices. The software can help you manage your communications with customers and suppliers: documents such as EDI documents, procurement and supply, inventory management, warehouse management, business process management and quality control.

Companies equipped with business management software, CRM software and a statistics/reporting tool perform better and are more able to steer their commercial efforts such as prospecting, product development and decision-making.


Why Choose Business Management Software?

Business management is a key factor in the success of small and large British and European Businesses. Using personalised and long-lasting software for this process allows you to save time and increase your profits. Whether you are a sole trader, a construction company, an SME, a large corporation, a franchisor or even a retailer: investing in business management software adapted to your business and your industry (service, construction, finance, sales, logistics, transport…) will be a real competitive advantage.


Which Business Management Software Should You Choose?

Are you a business manager? Are you asking yourself how to chose a professional solution that’s precisely adapted to your needs? How can you invest in software that will meet my needs of business management without too much involvement from my teams at startup? There are many business software providers to choose from, and generic business management CRM software exists for all different price brackets but today it is now possible to find sector-specific software , adapted to your business methods and team configuration. is a free tool provided by a team of 20 IT consultants in France and Benelux. Thanks to our experience and their research, our comparison engine is the best solution to identify the right software provider based on a set of concrete needs. By answering a dozen questions, you tell us the features and characteristics your company needs in commercial software. Try it Free!