Compare Infrastructure Solutions

You are a business manager and want to change IT infrastructure for the management of your business? You are an IT director looking after your business’s computer infrastructure and are looking for trusted professionals for your IT tools?

What is IT Infrastructure?

Business IT infrastructure is the hardware and software used by the management, sales teams, administrative teams and operational staff. British businesses are looking more and more towards secure but flexible IT infrastructure. Building a new common architecture for an SME or bringing together many different locations usually takes the form of an audit and software and hardware harmonisation. The market of infrastructure professionals is highly scalable. Moreover, in the last 3 years Cloud Computing has overtaken traditional architecture as the first choice for businesses looking for a new provider.

Why choose a provider for your infrastructure or hardware?

Infrastructure services can cover business data-storage needs, as well as backups, disaster recovery Plans (DRP), and server or workstations virtualisation.

The purchase of equipment (servers, bays, PCs, etc.) is linked to these infrastructure services.

Some computer services can be outsourced. The company IT director implements strategy and commits to manage the outsourcing of it infrastructure over the long-term for positive results.

What infrastructure/hardware solution to choose?

Depending on your business sector, your budget, the number of locations concerned, and other criteria, which you will find in our free online IT infrastructure comparison engine, several solutions can be adapted.

Thank’s to its database of IT infrastructure professionals, can help you launch your project, whatever your sector of activity:

  • Finance and insurance
  • Property business
  • Industry
  • Service sector
  • Distribution / Retail
  • Trade
  • Construction
  • Equipment Rental / Repair
  • Warehousing, Logistics
  • Transport, etc…

To guide you in your choice of infrastructure equipment and IT provider, accompanies you in precisely identifying your expectations through 13 questions and selecting the companies likely to respond.