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What is payroll software

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Payroll software is a management software package which allows companies to manage all aspects of human resources and/or the administration of personnel (time-management for team members for example). Payroll management within a company can be managed internally or can be outsourced to expert firms.


Which Payroll Solution is the Best for Your Business?

Payroll software, whether internal or externalised to a specialised company, must meet two requirements: payroll management must be secure and software should allow the company to make time-efficiency savings. Outsourcing: in addition, the payroll management solution used within an accounting firm must represent value for money.

It is more and more common nowadays to see Payroll Solutions hosted as SaaS (Software as a Service), it means that there are no investment requirements in computer servers and there is no software to install on the users’ PCs. “Cloud” Payroll solutions allow you to assign roles to each member of your team, who can access the platform via a web browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome).

The Payroll Manager can have access to different services depending on the software solution chosen: from an HR module for administration of personnel (career management, professional interviews, training, holidays, flexitime, badge readers) to multi-company, multi-institutional, collective management to centralise information and to produce business documents more quickly. is a team of 20 IT consultants who have identified payroll software publishers relevant to the specific needs of each company.

Chosing the correct payslip system

Finding powerful payroll software will allow you to manage pay in a reliable and streamlined manner, developing your human capital and saving time. In addition, the software will ensure that your documents are compliant with all relevant legislation. Lastly, as business manager, your payroll software is also a real decision-making aid. Compare Free in under 3 minutes!

Criteria to think about when choosing your payroll software

The HR and payroll software vendors rated by our team have developed solutions suited to all sectors and uses. Calculating variables, interfacing with holiday management, linked services… When you compare ppayroll software, it is important to take into account the number of employees that software supports, the number of locations who will be using the software to manage payroll, excel (or other format) file import, PAYE calculation and printing payslips, payslip personalisation, automatic transfer to accountants, bank transfer of wages, schedules and mangement dashboards, how you will be entering hours worked (Excel spreadsheet), summary of NI contributions and taxes, etc…

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In our globalised business world with ever increasing employee mobility, it is sensible to realise that payroll management is complex and remains a regular challenge for entrepreneurs and their accounting partners. On the other hand, British software vendors today provide complete, tailored and secure solutions to help payroll managers face up to this challenge.

To guide you in your choice of payroll or HR software, is by your side, allowing you to precisely identifying your needs and selecting the software that fits your expectations.