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What is CRM software?

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software allows you to put the customer at the heart of your marketing strategy. To understand and meet the needs of your prospects or customers, it is essential to know your partners well. CRM software helps you identify your leads, track custom for each customer and build loyalty.
Centralising information about your prospects or customers allows you to improve the quality of your customer service and the effectiveness of your teams increasing the profits of your business.

Overview of results from our CRM comparison engine

Example of results from our CELGE comparison engine for choosing CRM Software.

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Some CRM software also allows you to manage your sales teams directly (appointment and business tracking,…).
Finally, CRM software will also allow you to track orders and invoices in an organised manner. Digitising this process offers efficiency savings, reduces space needed to file archives and can boost your company’s sustainable development strategy.


Why Choose Contact Management Software?

CRM software aims to increase the profits of your business by saving time and maximising productivity. By being linked to all services of the company, client relationship management software promotes a healthy workflow within the company.
CRM Software presents many advantages and very few inconveniences. Note that to get the most from your CRM software, we recommended that you use a maintenance service so as not to disturb your business if any technical issues should arrise.

What CRM software is best for your business?

It is essential to define your requirements and the resources you will be allocating to this project. will accompany you in this process by offering you a completely free assessment to find the CRM software best suited to your needs!