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What is accounting software?

Your accounts are crucial to effectively manage your business. Regardless of its size, your accounts must be easily to access and update at any time. Accounting software allows you to electronically manage your bookkeeping and accounts, and to abide by all legal accounting requirements.

Overview of results from our Accounting Software comparison engine

Overview of results from our Accounting Software comparison engine
Example of results from our comparison engine for choosing Accounting Software.

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Why choose Accounting Software?

By computerising accounting and financial data, you will be regularly informed of potential hazards (late payments, suppliers, debts…) that may impact your income.

In addition to careful management of your books, accounting software is also a valuable tool to support your business decision strategy.

Lastly, accounting software offers considerable time-saving and reduces errors, allowing you to better utilise your employees’ time and make efficiency savings.

What accounting software to choose?

There are many different types of accounting software on the market and choosing the best one for your business can be complex.
Whatever the size of your business – from small firms to large corporations – using accounting software will transform your usual work patterns and create new processes. The software you choose must perfectly match your needs so that it integrates seamlessly into your business.

3 key criteria in choosing new accounting software

  1. Accounting software must interface with your ERP system so you do not have to re-enter customer invoices, suppliers, orders or regulations. This allows you to save time and avoid errors associated with data re-entry.
  2. It should show you the summary of your last month’s accounts quickly – no later than the 5th of the following month – in order to reliably provide decision-makers with the financial situation month by month (summary of key statistics similar to end of financial year summaries). This allows your stakeholders to make the right decisions when they need to.
  3. Lastly, your accounting software must adapt to the new standards and laws and without you having to ask the software publisher. will accompany you in the choice of your accounting software (SaaS or on your workstation,…) by precisely determining your needs to providing you with the solution you need!