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IT and Software Solutions

Here’s a tool that should be very useful for Small and Medium-sized businesses, looking for business management software. This comparison tool covers all industry sectors.

IT and Software Solutions


“With all the publishers available on the market, it was difficult to find the right Production Management ERP in our sector of activity. helped us quickly choose the right providers!”

Managing Director

Salomon Fontes

I heard about through an article published in ‘IT for Business’ and decided to test out of curiosity. I recently acquired a CRM by the publisher Eudonet.  The comparator is well built and adapted to the needs of companies looking for IT management solutions. I recommend, particularly for small and medium businesses, to help them choose the right solution.

Director of Management


I wanted to start my own technical engineering company, and I consulted the online search tool I knew nothing about the field of management software, but put me in connection with providers specialising in Case-by-case ERP software, located near me. It is a useful and relevant tool.


SATIMAT (60 employees)

With all publishers who available on the market, it was very difficult for us to identify the Production management software (ERP) for our specific business. put us in touch with the provider who we ended up chosing.

Managing Director, KB Services

DUCROQ Engineering and Processes (100 employees)

We were looking for new payroll software, and we met with 3 different providers in the market. We ended up chosing the company and the solution recommended by

We’re very thankful to the team, who were able to answer all our questions quickly and who helped us to save time and identify a solid provider we didn’t know of, all for free!

Mr. Max Looten
Financial Manager

KB Services (50 employees)

Having no internal IT department, we are able to trust who regularly identify editors and IT service providers that respond effectively to our hardware and software needs (CRM, Accounting, Payroll/HR, EDM).

Mr. Burgun
Managing Director, KB Services

2K Computer (consultancy firm)

I am a consultant for companies, and have been working for myself for ten years. The best advice I can give to businesses seeking to optimise or evolve their information system, it is to take their time and meet lots of different publishers on the market to make the right choice! believes in this approach and we often work together. This free online service, developed by our partners, produces clear answers for entrepreneurs looking for business management software. I recently recommended to another company in search of CRM software for their commercial management.